Thursday, April 21, 2016

Temecula progress continues

When my husband is out of town for work for long periods of time I get more sewing done. He has been gone each of the past 4 weeks now and I've noticed that I definitely have done more sewing in the evenings. No big finishes but lots of blocks for various projects.

These 8 little (3" finished) blocks are all part of the Temecula Circa 2016 mini project. There are 2 broken dishes blocks, 2 basket blocks, 2 windmill blocks, and 2 "T for Temecula" blocks.  And I made a few of the 2" HST needed at the same time. I think there are now 17 HST out of the 120 called for in the instructions. Check out the website for this project. 

There are 5 more pairs of blocks yet to make (to catch up) and another will most likely be posted this Friday too.  As I've been working on these I realized that my stash of Civil War reproduction types of fabrics was pretty limited. So I visited my LQS for a little retail therapy over my lunch hour on Tuesday. That gives me a few new options to choose from as I work on these. 


  1. They are so cute and wonderful! I get more sewing done in the evenings when my husband isn't home, too. Although, when he is here is when I knit or do hand work and watch sports with him. :)

  2. Limited stash? Surely I didn't read that correctly

    Love the mini blocks!