Sunday, April 3, 2016

Road trip

No sewing involved in this road trip, unless I manage to find a quilt shop on my way home at the end of the week. I drove 7 hours today to North Platte to be part of an evaluation team for an education agency. 

The host agency welcomed us at the hotel with gift bags filled with bottled water, cookies, and lots of other goodies.  And they fed us a huge lasagna supper - part of a 5 hour work session preparing for the next 3 days of work.  I'm always amazed at how much educators love kids and the work they do, and this group is another great example. It should be an interesting - and exhausting - week but I'm honored to be a part of this team for a few days.


  1. I remember the evaluation teams that visited the school. They worked hard, were thorough, and offered helpful comments. Have a good week.

  2. Best of Luck on your evaluation duties. I'm sure you'll be exhausted by the end of it.

  3. The Quilt Rack is North Platte is very nice, and I like the Quilt Cupboard in Valentine.