Friday, April 15, 2016

Thoughtful friends

I had supper last night with a couple of my besties, and one of them gave me a belated birthday gift - this teacup pincushion that she made using one of her own mother's teacups. Isn't this pretty? It's already sitting on my sewing table by my machine.  I told her the real irony - a sweet irony - is that my mother's favorite flower was the violet. And she also collected teacups and teapots, but I wasn't able to keep all of them when she died over 25 years ago. So this pincushion will be a sweet memory of both friends and family. She also brought me a pin from a visit to the Keepsake Quilting shop, which I've put on my guild name tag. Thank you Sylvia.

Marilyn brought a Row By Row license plate from a fun shop in North Carolina that she recently visited. This was from the 2015 Row By Row experience so it was an amazing piece of luck to be able to get one of these. I have a couple of fun ideas for using my license plates. Thank you Marilyn.

I have such thoughtful friends.

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  1. Friends are the BEST when it comes to knowing what you like and can use. Enjoy and Happy Belated Birthday.