Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Auditioning borders

I finished the last 3 missing blocks last night for this UFO project. My husband is away again this week for work - that is 6 weeks in a row! So I have sewing time in the evenings.  It's a Saturday Sampler from 2007 and I am still thinking about how this will all go together. Any ideas for me?

Right now I'm leaning toward a very narrow black sashing between blocks and a slightly wider inner border around that center. The narrow sashing would separate the blocks and also give it kind of a stained glass look.  Then I found this gorgeous batik in my stash. It has some purples, green, pink, and orange. The blocks are all batiks so I thought this might work. But that blue block sticks out like a sore thumb, even after moving it into the middle. 

So I need to keep digging in the stash to see if I have anything else that is more multi-colored. Or I may need to go shopping for that border. That would be a shame.


  1. Frame the blocks before you make your decision, as the black sashing and outer frame may tame the blue block enough to use the batik you chose for the borders.

  2. I'm not sure the border fabric is just right. You may want to find a border fabric that could be the corner stones of your sashing. I love the blocks and you're getting a lot accomplished. The only time my husband is away... is when I'm gone as well. I'm the one traveling for work twice this month, so I'm taking my machine along. Maybe I can get something accomplished.

  3. It was on Vic's blog Park Hill Farm that I saw her quilt with star - blocks and between these she put two-colored hourglass blocks which gave a second design and reunited everything. I think it was a great idea!
    Your blocks are beautiful!
    Best wishes!

  4. I think they do have that stained glass look to them. My goodness they look crisp and precise. Just lovely I dont think I have such patience to sew!