Wednesday, May 25, 2016

One more row

One row closer to being done with Allietare.

Most likely I will get NO sewing done at all in the next few days. Tomorrow I'm driving 300 miles west to Rapid City to pick up my granddaughter Sophia and coming back on Friday sometime with her. Then over the weekend I expect her mommy, daddy, and baby brother will arrive at some point - after the moving truck loads up their household. They are moving back to Sioux Falls which is only an hour east of us. Yay!!

I did build a little extra time into this trip west to have supper with a girl friend who lives in Rapid City, and I'm sure I'll visit at least one quilt shop while I'm there. 

And when things settle down again next week I have to make a decision about replacing or repairing my sewing machine.  Right now I'm leaning toward replacing it with a new machine which might be fun. 


  1. Your Allietare is going to be gorgeous. Enjoy your visit with your family and friend. Drive carefully!

  2. Great job on the quilt! So many pieces. . .too many for me to tackle comfortably.

    Glad to hear your family will be much closer so you can share a lot of adventures with the little ones. Safe travels