Friday, May 20, 2016

Dark green Crown of Thorns

The RSC color for May is dark green and I finally settled on a batik for this latest Crown of Thorns block. Not much time was spent in my sewing room this week but that's OK. There is always the weekend . . . although I plan to play some golf this weekend too.  I did do a little sorting and cutting late this afternoon, and even pulled out a UFO that was given to me long ago to finish or pass along. More on that another time.  And I still haven't found the flimsy I posted about yesterday.  It's a mystery.


  1. My sister sent me a photo in a text this week: she found a finished quilt top while cleaning her sewing room. She has no recollection of making it. I teased that it was a top that I had inadvertently left there. . .She didn't buy it. :o(

    Love the green Crown of Thorns!

  2. This is the next block I am to make in the Amish with a Twist II design! Yours looks great in the green. Enjoy your weekend.