Thursday, August 25, 2016

Quilting loot

Look at my loot - lots of Row By Row license plates. My sister-in-law Kathy did a bit of traveling recently with her grandson who was competing in some trap shooting competitions across Nebraska. And my friend Pam brought me a plate from Nebraska too.  Not shown in the photo are the RbR patterns Kathy collected with the plates. And she even brought me a pin from one of the shops, which is now attached to my guild name tag.

My Happy Place - isn't that a fun one? But my favorite one out of this group is Eat Pray Quilt from an Omaha shop. 


  1. Creative sayings on the plates: I like My Happy Place.

  2. Those are so much fun! I'm with you... I like Eat Pray Quilt with My Happy Place being my second favorite.

  3. The Eat Pray Quilt plate was the one that stood out to me as well!! Love them all, though! So nice to have friends and family finding you treasures on their journeys :)