Monday, August 29, 2016

Unique packaging

Last week I rode along with my husband Thursday and Friday while he made a couple of client visits in eastern Iowa and southwestern Wisconsin. On Friday afternoon we headed back toward home, but taking a more scenic route instead of speeding along the interstate. 
And he humored me and let me stop in Reedsburg, WI at Quintessential Quilts. Their Row By Row design this year has the most unique packaging. The "house" print is folded in a rectangle with the colors all folded like a rainbow in a triangle. What it really looks like is the funny paper hats we folded as kids. Very cute - and the row is so bright and cheerful, claiming "all roads point toward home".

We drove through Wildcat State Park and through Amish country that afternoon too. A beautiful drive.  We saw lots of barn quilts - those big painted ones.  Friday night we stayed in Onalaska, Wisconsin and I visited Olive Juice Quilts on Saturday morning. Then along I-90 in Minnesota we stopped at the Calico Hutch in Hayward.  What a better way to break up a 7 hour drive then stopping at quilt shops - for me that is. Boring for him! I picked up the Row By Row patterns plus a few other goodies at each shop. 

The green fabric is from the Wisconsin Shop Hop and is destined to go to my guild sisters in 6" squares. The ladies at Quintessential Quilts helped me pick that one out, along with an interesting green/blue/yellow print that made me think of the sun coming through the pine trees.   


  1. Looks like you had a great time. I always enjoy stopping at quilt shops to break up a trip.

  2. That is clever and cute packaging! The other row by row patterns are nice, too. I like the pickup. Enjoy your working with your goodies.

  3. I'm jealous. I love Calico Hutchs' row, but alas, I was 10 days too early to buy it!

  4. oh road trips... love those. The row by row is the cleverest I've seen. Looks like fun... of course I haven't done even one from last years lol