Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Easter Sunrise added to the finishes

Both of the Easter Sunrise runners are completely finished and ready to gift. I can check off my January UFO Challenge project.  Yay!
The original pattern was called He Is Risen, by Just Sew of Wayne NE -purchased at a quilt show a few years ago.  It's a simple silhouette machine appliqued to the orange batik. These are identical to the first one I made for myself, except for the top one above has the "hill" cut slightly different.  The gorgeous batik background is what really makes these special and I bought enough for 3 when I bought the pattern. And I've never seen a batik quite this perfect since then.


  1. I'm sure these lovely pieces will be much appreciated. Love your two projects on the go...great stitching on those blocks and pretty colour choices.

  2. Gorgeous! Whoever receives them is going to be delighted.

    Congratulations on meeting your January UFO goal. Going to start on February's goal now?

  3. Beautiful work Sara and wow.....that is a neat batik!

  4. Beautiful! Wonderful fabrics you found to make them.