Thursday, January 19, 2017

X-block UFO

This UFO is from 2011.  I know that I bought the X-block ruler and the fabric on a guild bus trip to Nebraska shops that summer and made most of the blocks right away. Then it got set aside.  About a year ago I made a few more blocks and hung those up in the closet again, where they spent more time being ignored.
I put the top together in 2016 and even found backing in my stash for it.  Last week I finally decided it was time . . . to get it quilted, bound and finished.  Bonnie, at The Pin Cushion, did a great job on it as always. She selected a nice angular zig-zaggy design that plays nicely with the angular zig-zaggy look of the blocks. 
Next step is to dig through the stash and find something that will work for binding. Wonder if there is any of that black print hiding away somewhere?  These are definitely NOT colors I normally like to use, so the chances of finding anything in that pumpkin color aren't very good. Maybe the green, but I'm not holding my breathe that I'll find anything compatible with that either.  I may end up buying a half yard of a solid in one of those colors just for binding.


  1. Nice job! Green binding would look great.

    I've never heard of the X-box ruler. I'll have to check it out.

  2. Thank you for relating the nostalgic memories of farm times. We who have failed at so very much, take heart.

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