Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Goal setting

I had a revelation this week! I've always been a list maker, but the older I get the more I notice that if I don't write it down it doesn't happen. This summer I've quit setting goals, and I've also noticed that lately my sewing mojo is suffering.  I walk into that sewing room and don't know where to start.

So . . . back to some goal writing and I'll start with the week left before September arrives. These are the goals I wrote yesterday on my lunch break.  If I write it down, maybe it will happen.

  1. sew buttons on all 6 of the 5 minute tablerunners - DONE last night
  2. finish binding on Trip Around The World UFO
  3. applique my signature block for guild President's quilt
  4. 2 mini blocks for this month's Saturday Sampler
  5. finish hand blanket stitching on 1 Saturday Sampler applique block
  6. sandwich Minnesota wall hanging and plan quilting
  7. plan layout for Halloween UFO (block swap from last year)


  1. Making lists was a must when I was still working. Now, I rarely make one, but I should.

  2. I am also a list maker and I do think I get more accomplished or feel more organized when my random thoughts are written down. It also makes me feel like I am accomplishing something