Monday, January 30, 2012

Antique quilting

My mother would be 87 years old if she were still with us. This little stuffed pig is the only toy we have that belonged to her as a child. I also have a little wooden rocker that was hers that her father made. Otherwise, there are no surviving toys from her childhood.

No one knows anymore who made it for her. I wish I had asked her that before she died over 20 years ago.

It is made of unbleached muslin, with an embroidered face. It has cotton gingham overalls with tiny little white buttons. The ears and arms are attached with stitches that are pretty fragile now. And the center of the eye is missing on one side. I have to wonder if there were buttons in those eyes long ago.

It's a treasure.

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  1. How precious is that little piglet... we have no toys or anything from our mom's childhood so I think that is part of the reason it so fascinates me when I see things from other folks childhood hours... My brother does have a button hook and one little shoe that was mom's. I'll have to try to take a photo the next time we get into our memory boxes.

    Thank you, Sara, for sharing.