Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Family time and stash enhancement

The past Memorial Day weekend was a grey, miserable, chilly, rainy weekend - except for visiting with family and friends in Rapid City. And except for all of the hugs we got from granddaughter Sophia. And except for meeting friends for lunch, getting a pedicure with my daughter, and a little fabric shopping, and a drive through the Black Hills up to Mount Rushmore.  So all-in-all it was a wonderful weekend!!!

Monday morning we finally escaped the house for a trip to Bear Country and a leisurely drive around the Black Hills. This photo was taken just before it started to rain - again. Sophia loves the baby bears at Bear Country. After Bear Country we drove up to Mount Rushmore, although we didn't stop. We've been there dozens of times but I just don't get tired of seeing "the boys" on the mountain. Even through the rain.

On Saturday DD and I had a mother-daughter day starting with lunch in downtown Rapid City with 3 of my friends who all live out there now. All 3 ladies are also quilters so you can imagine what we talked about at least part of the time. After lunch DD and I went and had pedicures. She is 9 months pregnant and can't reach her toes anymore so I figured this would be a nice treat for her. It was very relaxing!

And while she relaxed in the car I made a quick trip into a quilt shop in downtown Rapid City, called Quilt Connection.  So a little stash enhancement occurred: 4.5 yards of neutral batiks for backing at $6 a yard, 10 fat quarters just for fun, and 2 yards of a patriotic fabric.  So I added 9 yards of fabric pretty quickly.

Sunday was spent making freezer meals - 13 of them - to make things a bit easier once the baby arrives. The little guy could show up any time in the next couple of weeks. 


  1. Sounds like a great trip! All the best for your daughter as she nears the baby's due date!!

  2. How exciting to have a new baby in the near future! Your daughter is going to appreciate the freezer meals. Are you planning to return after the birth?

  3. Yummy fabric! Freezer meals are so handy. They will NEED them!