Monday, May 4, 2015

Round Robin - Wow!

The Round Robin quilt tops were returned to the owners and displayed at this weekend's guild meeting.  This one is mine and I'm just thrilled.

My center block is an appliqued Santa. The ladies were so creative in adding to this each month. Every border has such lovely details and I love every bit of it.

Each month the quilt was passed along to the next person on the list - for 6 months. And each month we had some specific instructions, such as add some applique or add something white.  I love how each round ties in with at least one other one. For example, both blue rounds have gold stars - pieced in one and appliqued in the other. Four of the rounds have references to Christmas carols. The green border with the flying geese really pulls out the green from my center blocks. Wonderful!!!!


  1. I'll admit, I'm not a big fan of Round Robin quilts, but this is lovely. The participants tied the whole thing together with color and design. Well done, ladies!

  2. This is a great Round Robin! You have a beautiful quilt with great border additions. How fun!

  3. What fun to see all the layers of love added to this quilt top! I hope you will get each participant to sign her round with her name with a fabric pen (Dritz makes a good one, sold at both Walmart and Joann's).

  4. So pretty... your partners did a great job building around your beautiful center.