Monday, May 18, 2015

Summertime Row Robin

I'm so excited to have this quilt done and hanging up in my home office for the summer. The last of the embellishments were added yesterday while watching golf on TV.

This was a guild project - a row robin, rather than round robin - from a couple of years ago. My row is the large center row with the flip flops. Each one has ribbon and fun buttons on it to make it 3-D just like a real flip flop.

The fish row has button eyes and the beach ball row has buttons in the center of each ball. There are a few little shell shaped buttons on the beach house row. The bottom row is all paper pieced and each block is unique.  The top row is a mixture of applique and pieced blocks.  And I added this Loralei "patch" onto the front as the label. You'll find her on the beach among the palm trees. I wrote on her hat but decided I couldn't hide her on the back.  I LOVE the whole thing!!


  1. what a GREAT quilt. It is so much fun. Love the "label" on the hat! And it definitely needs to be on the front.

  2. What's not to love about this fun and colorful quilt! Nice job. Enjoy!

  3. Sara, what an adorable quilt! I love everything about it... the beach balls, the popsicles, watermelon slices, fish.... everything! If you ever get tired of it... :)

  4. That turned out just so stinkin' cute!! Love it!