Sunday, May 24, 2015

Week 21 Status of the Stash

I was slightly naughty this week and bought fabric I didn't need. I stopped in a little fabric shop on my way home from a school on Wednesday and found just a couple of fun things including 2 panels, 4 fat quarters and some pillowcase fabric. It was a 2 hour drive and I just needed to stretch my legs a bit - that's my story and I'm sticking to it. 

But to balance that out I had some nice finishes this past week: a baby quilt flimsy (Quick Strippee pattern with owls), a Row Robin quilt UFO, and the last of 13 friendship exchange blocks. And since the exchange blocks will be given away soon I'm counting my fabric. 

In this week: 5 yds
In this year: 93.25 yds
Used this week: 9.25 yds
Used this year: 107.25 yds

Status of the Stash: 14 yards ahead of my stash! Yay!!!


  1. The owls are adorable, nice work! And a little stash enhancement was due for you anyway 'cause you've been so good!

  2. Hey, no excuses or explanations needed - you're singing to the choir!