Thursday, May 2, 2013

May goals are small

I am still going to try to be realistic about my goals for the month of May. We have graduations, baptisms, and baby showers to attend on the weekends, so I know I won't get a huge amount of sewing time. Plus I keep hoping spring will arrive so that I can play some golf without a parka.

So here are my May goals:
  • Clean up and organize my cutting table area!!!
  • Row Robin - add a 6" row of blocks (8) to the next quilt passed to me
  • Terrain Fat Quarter Stars - add my borders
  • Heart Strings with black centers - finish top and mail to Heart Strings project
  • Saturday Sampler quilt - make block 12
  • February Count On It - re-make this one because I messed up the original
  • September Count On It - hand quilting
  • Trip Around World - make 3 more blocks


  1. These are lofty if you ask me, dear friend

  2. Cleaning up and organizing the cutting table ought to be easy. And you'll be so happy once you do. Good luck with your May goals. I think you can get this done.