Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Working on a UFO

Finally spent a little time working on a UFO last night.  Unfortunately, that UFO list is not shrinking like I had hoped it would.

I pulled out the Heart Strings blocks I made over the fall and winter and put them all together into pairs.  Then I put the pairs together into a square of 4 with the black center strips forming a diamond.  Two of those units are done and the rest are ready.  This top will be sent to the Heart Strings project to be tied or quilted, and then donated.  It is the second one I've done for Heart Strings and is a great way to use up scraps.  This one has black center strings and lots of bright colors. The first one I made had lime green center strings.

I'll share a photo of the finished top before I mail it.


  1. I love the black centers Sara! So striking.

  2. Lovely blocks. The black makes the other colors really "pop."