Friday, April 30, 2010

It's good to be back home

We all had a wonderful time in Jamaica for the daughter's wedding. (See my previous post.) But all great trips need to have some crazy story to end it all. I have a crazy story!

Tuesday, April 27
4:30 am - our alarm goes off
5:30 am - check out of our lovely room at Beaches Boscobel in Ocho Rios
6:00 am - board the airport shuttle for the 2 hour trip back to Montego Bay
8:30 am - strip searched in immigration (yes - that is the absolute truth!!)
9:00 am - sitting in gate area waiting for our 11:35 am flight (we're early)
10:30 am - our flight is cancelled and we get into line with everyone else for rebooking
2:30 PM - finally reach the desk for rebooking and told the only option left is staying over
3:00 pm - retrieve luggage from customs and trudge out to our ground transportation
4:00 pm - arrive at our shabby hotel (it did have a nice beach area) for the night

Wednesday, April 28
8:30 am - board another airport shuttle for our 2nd attempt to leave Jamaica
9:30 am - my passport is confiscated and I'm sent back to the "security room" AGAIN
9:45 am - no strip search this time, just a "pat down" and unpacking of my carry on bag
10:00 am - sitting in gate area hoping our flight leaves today
11:35 am - flight time comes and goes - it is only a DELAY?
12:00 noon - we finally board our plane
12:15 pm - I notice that luggage is being UNLOADED from our plane - this is not good!
12:50 pm - following reloading of luggage, our 11:35 am flight finally pushes away from gate
4:00 pm - we're in Miami, but have missed our connection to Chicago & Sioux Falls
4:30 pm - rebooked onto a later Chicago flight with plenty of time to catch Sioux Falls connection
5:30 pm - flight delayed because the crew isn't there
6:15 pm - we finally are on the way to Chicago but our hopes are slim of making it to SF
8:00 pm (central time) - we are still circling Chicago. Can we make an 8:35 flight to SF???
8:25 pm - we exit our plane in the middle of concourse K and run (Dave does, not me) to the end of concourse G
8:35 pm - Dave gets to the gate but the door has already been closed on the aircraft. I'm still trying to get there - huffing & puffling! I must start exercising when I get home!
8:40 pm - thank you to the lovely gate agent who smiles (that was a first) and calls the plane asking them to please open the door for 2 more passengers.
MIDNIGHT - we've landed in Sioux Falls, picked up 2 of our 3 bags (golf clubs are MIA), and driven the 70 miles home.


PS 1 & 2: The cat was very happy to see us! And the golf clubs were delivered by the airlines on Thursday afternoon.

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  1. OH MY GOODNESS! I had no idea you had such a time. You always were a "risky looking person". I can't imagine. Glad you are home.