Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Roller Dollz rock!

Three future dollz celebrated Jada's birthday by going to see the Roller Dollz last Saturday night. They dressed up for the occasion and didn't stop smiling most of the evening.

The Roller Dollz gave them lots of photo ops and autographs. My daughter Laura is the "doll" on the far left.
Below is Laura skating as a "Killa Bee" - the second team. The Dollz have enough girls now that they can field 2 teams and give the rookies more skating time. Laura skated with both teams on Saturday. The Killa Bees won big over a team from Fargo, while the Roller Dollz got beat by the North Stars of Minneapolis. What a fun evening - and it all goes to charity! The photo below was taken by Jerilyn's friend Josh.

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  1. How fun!! What a great way to celebrate a birthday!