Sunday, April 11, 2010

A new acronym

I had a hilarious comment left on a post from a few days ago that gave me a whole new acronym that I don't want to forget. More on that in a second. . .

WIP - Works in Progress . . . these are the projects that are currently on my radar, but not quite complete. I have quite a few of them living in my sewing room at any one time. My interest often dwindles as I work on something and the reason varies. Sometimes I just get bored with sewing too many of a particular block. Sometimes I get tired of sewing on a particular color. And often I'm just excited to dive into a new project and can't wait until I finish what I'm working on.

UFO - Un-Finished Object . . . these are the projects that were WIP, but have been set aside with no immediate plans for completion. Again, a variety of reasons exist in my head for this status change. Sometimes I don't quite know how I want to finish a quilt - a different layout or border is needed. Sometimes it just gets covered up by other things and forgotten in the clutter. Shame on me!!

But here is the new acronym, courtesy of my cousin Julie who is a highly talented knitter: TAurDS (totally abandoned in disgust!). Isn't that perfect? I hate to admit this, but I also have some of these hiding in shame in my sewing room. Maybe I need to pull those out, and offer them to anyone who is willing to adopt them. Sounds like a summer project. Wooly Jooly - thanks for the laugh and the inspiration!!

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