Saturday, July 26, 2014

An overdue UFO

I know exactly why this UFO became a neglected project.  This was a flannel Saturday Sampler from about 2001.  I know - shameful, isn't it?  And the reason this one was put aside was because the side strips were 3" too short on each side and I had used up the black flannel that is in the sashing.  So, instead of buying more black I just folded it all up and put it away.  

This week I bought a small piece of black flannel and put the same width sashing strips at the top and bottom of both side borders.  Voila!!!  I made this extra long for some reason, so it looks quite long and narrow.  But it is actually about 65" wide so it might fit a long twin bed.  Or be a lap quilt for someone really tall.  What was I thinking?  Who knows - but the top is done after 13 years.


  1. Another great finish. You are definitely tackling your UFO projects! Kudos for finishing so many this year.

  2. So good to finish another one. I wo UK d have done the same thing.