Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Lost and neglected

When we moved to this house 8 years ago I thought we had done a really good job of unloading all of my sewing room tubs directly into my new sewing room, which was the only finished section of our basement. But then we finished the remainder of the basement and things got moved around by the contractor during the process.  But I honestly thought everything went back into my space.

Well - I was wrong. This morning I was looking in our basement storage area for an empty tub large enough to store outdoor kid toys in the garage and saw this one. But when I tried to pull it out it was really heavy. So imagine my shock when I opened it up and realized it is packed FULL of fabric and a few small pieces of batting.  This is a really large plastic tub and it was full to the top so there is a lot of fabric here.  How could I not have realized this was missing?  

I haven't had a chance to dig everything out yet to see what I have, but my stash has just grown. It will be fun after work seeing what all is in this lost and neglected tub. 


  1. think of it as new fabric find you can use.

  2. At the price of fabric today, I think you discovered a treasure in your basement enjoy!