Friday, February 27, 2015

Pattern test progress

I just couldn't wait to get started on the pattern test project this week so I've spent some time in the evenings on it.  I can't show the whole thing until after I've shared my results with the designer but here is just a small glimpse. My points here are not a perfect match but look good when I'm not zoomed in like this.

There are 3 borders left to add. One of those is pieced and the others are plain.  So I'm thinking I'll have a chance to finish it Saturday morning. And I have to say - I'm LOVING this design! And I'm loving the fabrics I chose too. Thanks to Carol at The Pin Cushion for helping me make these choices.

It's an interesting process so far. With each step of cutting and piecing I've written some notes on the pattern so I remember what I'm thinking was clear or unclear.  Before this I've occasionally circled, highlighted, or underlined something I wanted to make sure I did. Or I've made a note sometimes about cutting slightly larger and then squaring up, especially with HST or Flying Geese.  But the designer wants feedback, so I'm really being conscious of each step this time.  And I'll admit I bought about a 1/4 yard of each fabric just in case I didn't follow directions carefully enough.


  1. I know the designer will appreciate all your notes and thoughts.

  2. Such a fun mix of fabrics! It must be really interesting to do this and if I were a designer I would sure welcome your feedback.