Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Hawaiian applique

My Hawaiian applique table topper is finally finished and gracing my dining room table. And I love the way it turned out in spite of how long it took me to finish.

This UFO is old, old, old - with the needle-turn applique started about 10 years ago. But unfortunately I got bored with the hand applique work (I am so slow) and set it aside.  

Then about a year ago I pulled it out and finished up the needle-turn applique center. But then what?  

At Sew Vintage one month Cindy taught us how to do a scalloped binding and that was the incentive I needed to add the border so I could do the scallops.  Now months later, the hand quilting is done, the scalloped binding is done and I'm thrilled. 


  1. Wow I love that. Just in time for the Christmas season with the red and white it's beautiful:)

  2. The scallops are perfect for that design. Well done!

  3. sooo very hawaiian quilting projects!