Sunday, November 15, 2015

Sunday status of the stash

I purchased some neutrals, reds and golds this week for the Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt and I added some neutral backing for some table runners I'm working on. So it was a big week for adding to the stash. But I finished a couple of small projects too.  And I finished the flimsy for my RSC15 project so I'm counting 5 yards for that flimsy.
  • In this week:  17 yds
  • In this year:  218 yds
  • Out this week:  9.5 yds
  • Out this year 184 yds
Status of the Stash:  Stash is winning by 34 yards and there is little hope of catching up before the end of the year. Oh well . . . I'm still pleased with the 184 yards used this year.

1 comment:

  1. Really lovely shades of the neutrals! On my monitor they seem to be creamy oyster tones and very restful. I think you're doing great using up fabrics and making pretty quilts.