Sunday, November 8, 2015

Sunday stash report

No new finishes to count this week and I made some purchases that added to the stash. 

I'm considering doing the Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt this winter, and I picked up some yardage for it yesterday. I stopped in our local Ben Franklin Crafts to look for some embroidery floss and ended up with 5 yards of fabric purchased on sale.  3 yards of dark red batik (even though the photo looks purple) for $8.99/yard and 2 yards of a nice rich gold (not washed out like the photo) for $5.99/yard. Score!!  Plus I found a Christmas gift for my youngest grandson in their great children's toy selections. Double score!!

And if I don't end up doing the mystery quilt I've added some lovely pieces to my stash for a future project. No guilt. 

In this week:  5 ydsIn this year:  201 ydsOut this week:  0 ydsOut this year 174.5 yds
Status of the Stash:  one step forward and two steps back! I'm falling further behind.

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  1. Congratulations on finding some fabric bargains. Unfortunately the only sources of fabric in my area is one quilt shop - not a lot of bargains available there.