Saturday, November 28, 2015

Saturday fun didn't include sewing

No sewing on today at all but I did play Candyland, put together a few puzzles and enjoy a day spent with these 3 imps.

My daughter and I did a little shopping this morning and had a nice lunch together.  Then she and her husband went to a movie and out for supper, while grandpa and I babysat.  Mason is 4 1/2, and the twins Olivia and Jonah are 2 1/2.  I must report that Mason cheats at Candyland, Olivia likes her purple tutu, and Jonah loves to race his match box cars on daddy's freshly painted wall.  


  1. Your Saturday sounds perfect! Enjoy every moment you can with the imps.

  2. Such cute little imps you have! How fun.

  3. What sweeties Sara!!! Okay so.....were you tuckered out when they left????? LOL