Thursday, September 22, 2016


Yesterday evening I made a little road trip with friend Sylvia and Pam to see this magnificent statue called Dignity.  She stand 50' tall overlooking the Missouri River at Chamberlain - a Native American woman wrapped in a star quilt. You don't need to be a quilter to appreciate this.  My photo does not do justice to this work of art. 

The diamonds in the star quilt move, and allow the wind and light to come through. At night the statue is lit from below and that star quilt is incredible to see from the interstate, but even more so from close up.
This photo was "borrowed" from Facebook and was posted by Jennifer McManus, who I do not know. But it's the best picture I've seen so far of the night time view.
The statue is a gift to the state of South Dakota from a Rapid City business man and his wife, and created by a South Dakota artist. How lucky we are in this state to be able to enjoy this beauty.
Check out the artist's web site to learn more about Dignity.
And read more about it here, with a much better photo.


  1. That's an amazing sculpture. I love that the diamonds move and that it is lit so well at night. It's gorgeous day or night.

  2. oh my gosh sara! This is so awesome. Thanks for leaving a reminder to come see! LeeAnna

  3. Thank you for sharing this Sara, it is beautiful!

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