Tuesday, September 20, 2016

UFO #1 is a flimsy

I used all but 1 green block to finish this top. It's about 48 by 60. There is a bit of the orange and black left, and various pieces meant for more blocks that didn't happen.  I cut, stitched, and pressed the binding for this one out of leftover black from the blocks.  And I had enough of a cream, orange, black print in my stash to piece a backing for it.  So, it's ready to be quilted.

This is definitely not what my original vision was, but since I no longer remember what the original plan was - Done is better than perfect, right?  It's big enough for a nice throw and would make a decent donation quilt.   Plus this will be another 7 yards out of the stash once it's done.
Now - on to the next UFO. That will be the red and aqua pieced and applique blocks.


  1. Well done! Having enough fabric for the binding and to piece for a backing makes it even better.

  2. Great job! It's always nice to get a UFO to this stage and call it ready for quilting.