Sunday, September 18, 2016

Road tripping

On Friday morning I set off to meet a cousin for a little girls' weekend. We've tried to meet at least once each summer somewhere between our respective homes - mine in SD and her's in Minneapolis. This time we met in New Ulm, Minnesota. 

New Ulm is famous for it's German culture in the midst of Scandinavian Minnesota. Cousin Julie and I visited the Schell's Brewery. At $3, the tour is one of the best bargains ever. This brewery is the 2nd oldest family owned brewery in the country and has been in business for about 140 years. During Prohibition it bottled root beer, which is still made. The grounds are beautiful even this late in the season, with flowers and peacocks. We only saw one peacock and he was perched above a window.

The beer sampling was fun and probably provided $3 worth of beer. I think we tasted 6 or 7 different brews. And I also sampled the root beer. 

Our whole visit didn't revolve around beer. We ate ribs and spƤtzle at Veigl;s Kaiserhaus, shopped in a variety of interesting shops in downtown New Ulm, visited a bookstore and 3 quilt shops. More about the quilt shops later this week.

And we've already been talking about where to go next time.



  1. One of the best German meals I've eaten was in New Ulm. It's a fun community.

  2. My college roommate is from New Ulm and was married there, so they took wedding pictures at the Schell's Brewery. The gardens are beautiful.