Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Playing with stash and scraps

Do you believe that a finish entitles you to start something new? I see it as a reward for finishing something. Especially when the "something" is as big and complicated as Allietare was.

Last weekend I saw a great quilt online, done with different sizes and variations of the Barn Door or Churn Dash block.  The designer calls it Barn Dance and has a free pattern on her blog.  I kept thinking it would be great as a scrappy quilt.  Of course that made me start thinking about what I might have to play with.

There are plenty of cream/neutral fabrics in my scrap bin. And I have a small drawer full of autumn fabrics that have been collecting for a long time.  So this 24" block is the result of digging through those. This is actually the largest block in her pattern.  This could make a nice little table topper or pillow left just as is. But I may need to make some of the other size blocks too just for fun and see where it takes me.

Sometimes it's just relaxing and fun to make something with no real plan. But then again this is probably why I have so many UFOs and WIPs. My next REAL project needs to be binding my Traveling Stars quilt.


  1. This is really cool. I think I also saw the pattern online. My first thought was I love this... my next thought was I have way to many things going on right now to start it. My favorite traditional block is the churn dash block.

  2. That block is interesting, and the Barn Dance quilt is very nice, but quite large. I think a quilt in autumn colors would be gorgeous.

  3. I saw "Barn Dance" too and loved it. Your block is a great start to a beautiful quilt. And I totally agree... a big finish does give permission to start something new!

  4. My Allietare is in a box all cut and only half the blocks complete. I will get to it. Really! I do love this barn dance quilt. This is next on my to do list. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing.