Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Baby steps

I have one more border section pieced and attached. A similar one is needed yet for the top and then I can add the final black outer border. No idea if I will get this top done this week or not but I'm going to try. Not much time for sewing the next few days but all I need is about 2 hours uninterrupted.
Monday was a full work day and yesterday I had a pre-op appointment in Sioux Falls for my upcoming cataract surgery. So there hasn't been much time for sewing this week. I had a spare hour today and I spent it working on that bottom border. 
My cataract surgeries have been scheduled and the right eye will be done next week on Thursday. Then on April 10 they will do my left eye. It will be such a relief to have improved eyesight again!  I rarely sew in the evenings anymore because I can't distinguish dark colors or see dark thread. Actually threading a needle has become difficult no matter what color thread I'm using.


  1. You will see better when you walk out of the surgery place. Blessings for everything to go well.

  2. The piece border looks great. The outer, black border will make the panel look fabulous!

    My cataracts aren't to the point for surgery yet, but I can tell it's getting closer. My friends who have had the surgery love the results. Best wishes for both of your surgeries.

  3. Your border is perfect for the panel! It pulls out so many of the colors in the panel and really moves the eye around. Sending thoughts and prayers for your upcoming surgeries.

  4. Good luck on the cataract surgery--everyone is surprised how much of an improvement it is. Wishing you speedy recovery and perfect sight!