Thursday, March 9, 2017

I can't believe it

Can you see my latest mistake? 
I can't believe that I keep making mistakes in getting these pieced borders onto my Saturday Sampler.  This was the 4th and final side - and I sewed it on upside down!!!  Why did I not see this when I pinned the border on?  Luckily I could just take off the 2 corner sections and switch them around.  So it went with me in the car yesterday as we did a short road trip. Note to self - don't wear navy blue corduroy pants while holding a quilt in my lap and ripping out a seam. Fuzz covered my lap.
I'm beginning to have big doubts now that I'll be able to still put on the final 2 solid borders onto this top before the Saturday Sampler session on Saturday morning.  Oh well . . .


  1. Despite the error, this stunning border is a dramatic addition to the quilt.

    I've made similar errors numerous times - didn't catch them until the top was assembled.

  2. Some quilts just resist being finished.