Saturday, March 25, 2017

It's ready to quilt

This panel and the Spotlight II pattern were made for each other.  I love the results.

On a side note, the only good thing about this grey weather we are stuck in . . . I was able to get a good outdoor photo that actually makes the colors look right.  Except the lime green looks like a solid and it actually has a subtle little black/red squarish "dot" design.
I've pulled one more panel out of the drawer to work on.  It has fairies all over it and lots of spring colors.  And I noticed that there is another different fairy panel in there too. Those might be perfect for both of the granddaughters.


  1. Stunning and quite beautiful. I love the borders!

  2. Wow, very nice! I'm not usually a fan of panels, but this is a great pattern for one. I'll have to remember that.