Saturday, March 11, 2017

Saturday Sampler - A New Age

OK - the photo isn't very good due to a grey snowy day, but it's still proof that I have persevered in finishing this quilt top.  It's called A New Age, from Nancy Rink Designs. The instructions were excellent, but I had some issues with getting those pieced borders on correctly. Purely my own errors and I can blame it on not double checking which border I was using or paying attention to matching the colors in the corners.
The fabrics were unique and called new age muslins (Marcus Fabrics), which were an over-dyed muslin. So crisp and nice to sew.
The finished size on this flimsy is 82" x 98", and I still toying with the idea of adding one more border to make it slightly bigger.  We'll see if I can find something appropriate for that final border. In my imagination I'm seeing a paisley with these colors.
Some quilts give you a bigger feeling of accomplishment than others. This is one of those. And so I think this one needs some custom quilting done to show off the design.  


  1. Well done - a fabulous finish. Audition a burgundy or green border if your considering making it larger.

  2. Very pretty Sara! I love the muted look to this quilt.

  3. It's stunning Sara! I'm sure some custom quilting will make it pop.