Thursday, March 2, 2017

Making friends with my seam ripper

I was being so careful. I measured my quilt top across the middle and both ends to make sure the pieced borders would fit. And then I sewed a top/bottom border to the side of this quilt.  I pinned every 4-5 inches because I couldn't figure out why it needed so much "easing" after all of the measuring I did.  Well, now I know why.  

So I'm making friends with the seam ripper.  It will take me a while to remove 68" of border.  Maybe tomorrow I'll get these 4 pieced borders on . . . The right way.  


  1. Quilting keeps us humble for sure! Your border is beautiful.

  2. Quilting can be frustrating and sometimes maddening. I'm glad you discovered the solution.

  3. Isn't that so annoying Sara, I had that trouble with my last quilt. what ever it was, I'm sure it won't happen again !