Saturday, April 29, 2017

Assembling Farm Girl Vintage

This barn and silo block is going to be the centerpiece of my Farm Girl Vintage. The pattern was for a 14.5" block (unfinished) but I need it to be 13.5" square instead because it will be framed on each side by 2 of the 6.5" blocks plus sashing with cornerstones. I had to do a little redesign to make this block work.
There are 52 of the little blocks, including the one I put in this barn block. So my next step is to lay them out and see just how many I want to use. Who knows - maybe I'll have to make additional ones. The sashing is white and I'm using up scraps from my 30s prints to make the cornerstones. Once I get this center section all assembled, then I'll decide if I want to do the prairie points and wide outer border like the book shows.
And I'll still have 52 of the big blocks to use for something else. Probably 2 something elses.  


  1. Well done! This is going to be a fantastic quilt with all the fun blocks that you've made.