Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Saturday Sampler Mystery

The new Saturday Sampler is a mystery quilt and only the yardage and numbers of fabrics were provided, so everyone will choose their own fabrics.  We did learn which of the 6 fabrics will touch or are in all blocks, and which is the background.  

The first clue gave us cutting instructions for all 6 fabrics and it was suggested that we put them into marked sandwich bags to keep them organized. My cutting is done and everything is in its little bag.  

The cutting went pretty well now that I have 2 "new eyes".  My second cataract surgery was yesterday morning, and it all went very well,  Can't wait to get new glasses for close work sometime in mid May.  Until then my old glasses work for short periods of time.


  1. This looks like lots of fun! So glad you'll be able to see better.

  2. So happy your cataract surgery went well! It's fabulous, isn't it. I will love to see this mystery quilt come together. I meant to comment on your guild table that had such a lovely display of items and for such a good cause.

  3. Great news about your surgery. Are you able to drive without your glasses?

    You chose such pretty fabrics for the mystery.

  4. Sounds exciting Sara. Glad your surgery went well, enjoy the new project.