Tuesday, April 4, 2017

UFO Challenge & April goals

The UFO number drawn (All People Quilt UFO Challenge) was #11. And my #11 is counted cross stitch.  I'm not very confident this one will even be worked on this month due to my eye situation.

My first cataract was removed on March 30 and the second one will be done April 10. And I must admit that I'm still struggling with seeing well enough for close up work. I expected that however so it's OK because I know it's temporary.  I've tried 2 different pair of drugstore "reading" glasses, and have finally gone back to using my old glasses just when I need to see something close up - like the spreadsheets I use for work. Officially - I've become the goofy old lady with her glasses on a chain around her neck. But it works for now.

UFO/WIP Project
Status Before
Status After
Valentine Bench Pillow
Needs blanket stitching around applique, then sandwich, quilt, and add envelope backing
4 Seasons Cats
Finish hand quilting, bind
ABC kid quilt
Machine quilt, bind
House Warming Party
Finish blocks
Circa 2016
Finish making blocks
Easter Sunrise runners (2)
Applique, quilt, bind
DONE in January!
Batik Stars Saturday Sampler
Finish blocks
2016 2015 Saturday Sampler
Finish blocks, need to cut out setting pieces Quilt and bind
DONE in February!
Reindeer 60-degree runner
Quilt and bind
2015 Friendship Exchange
Blocks are made, need to determine a layout
Beach cross-stitch piece
About half stitched only
RSC16 Crown of Thorns
12+ blocks finished, need to determine layout
DONE in March!

Since I'm not likely to be doing any counted cross stitch or any tiny blocks, I've set some very modest goals for April.
  • Bind the Spotlight II panel quilt  (a UFO not on my original list)
  • complete 1st step for new Saturday Sampler
  • put together my 6" Farm Girl Vintage quilt top


  1. Nothing wrong with mixing it up a bit - progress is progress.

  2. This must be the time for cataract surgery. I know a lot of people who are having it done. Or maybe it's my age?? :) Hopefully once your second eye is done, you will be seeing much better. And I agree with the above comment.. progress is progress.

  3. You're completing UFO's and that's the important part! I am done with about half of mine, but still a long ways to go.