Thursday, April 20, 2017

UFO - lost and found

While cleaning up a shelf in my sewing room yesterday, I discovered this UFO table runner that I had forgotten about. The reason this one is a UFO is because I tried to quilt this myself a couple of years ago using a meander or stipple. I stopped after finishing about 1/3 of it and set it aside - because it looked terrible.  The stitches very in length, there are skipped stitches, and jagged lines where there should be smooth curves. It's awful and it would never satisfy me.
It may take me a few days of picking, but this quilting is being removed. Once removed I will do something much more simple and take my time so that the quality of my stitching is better. Since I didn't work at all on the UFO originally selected for April, this one is going take it's place.  And whatever I do with it will be an improvement.


  1. I've never tried stipple quilting - only simple straight lines or a tiny bit of curve. I think I'm too impatient to quilt properly.

  2. If this was my quilt I would try stitching around various fruits and leaves - sort of outlining them. Just wandering around and enjoying it. I think you can do a good job on this.