Friday, April 21, 2017

One row at a time

This is turning into a slow project, which is silly considering how small it is. The center section of this little quilt is only about 18" square.  I got another row on it yesterday, plus I added the top border strip on and it seemed to help the rows lay flat.  So now I have 1 more row and the other 3 side borders to put on.  Then there is an outer pieced border.  Maybe this afternoon I'll get some more done on this.
I worked most of the day yesterday at my 2 part time jobs, but then spent more time picking out quilting stitches on that table runner I showed. I can only do that in daylight - sitting by the window due to my poor eyesight close up. The good news is that my appointment for new glasses is May 8.


  1. The blocks look fantastic together: I love the secondary pattern they create when together.

    Thrilled to hear you'll soon have your new glasses.

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