Thursday, August 3, 2017

August goals

Must be realistic, must be realistic, must be . . .

For me, goals that I don't write down, do not have a snowballs' chance of actually happening.  But when I do write them down, it gives me a plan to follow.  And it's OK to deviate from the plan occasionally.  So it's time to sit down and write some goals for the month of August.  And they must be realistic ones! 
  1. finish my Saturday Sampler quilt top
  2. bind my Canning Jars table runner - DONE on Aug 2
  3. quilt and bind the Cocktails table runner
  4. finish organizing my scraps
  5. quilt and bind the cycling row by row wall hanging
  6. make a signature block for my Sew Vintage group to sign
  7. work on my UFO Challenge #5 project - Temecula Circa 2016 quilt  (hope to finish the blocks)
Optional projects to choose from . . . for when I can't stick to the plan:
  1. "Kit Up" 2 new projects - cut and organize so they are ready to work on when I'm ready
  2. make a set of 24 string blocks
  3. make 3 more blocks for En Provence quilt
  4. make 10 more polka dot pinwheel blocks
Most of these goals are small items that should be easy enough to finish - such as the 2 table runners, the signature block, and the wall hanging.  And the optional projects will bring a UFO closer to being done.


  1. A great list of goals. I'm a list maker, too. 😎

  2. You will have a busy month! Looking forward to seeing photos of all of your projects.