Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Help with stippling

I'm giving this quilting template paper a try.  I just can't seem to get the hang of stippling, or any other kind of curved quilting. The curves just don't curve smoothly. So we'll see how this works on a table runner. 
This particular brand has a sticky strip along each side of the paper to hold it onto the quilt, but I also pinned it in places. The paper pattern is 9" across, so it will cover half of the table runner laid the long way. 
So far the stiffness created by the paper and the quilt layers is making it tricky to roll up/fold up to fit in the opening of my machine and allow some room to turn.  I can say already that I would never use this to do a whole big quilt, but it seems to have potential for some small projects. And the other downside will be tearing away the paper once it's done.


  1. That does sound tricky to use. I wonder if you could unthread your machine, leave the needle in and fake stitch on the stipple lines of the paper, then use a bounce to transfer the design to your quilt.

  2. I have a hard enough time just to do straight line quilting on pieces let alone curves. The paper does have some advantages though. I hope it works for your runner.

  3. I like Lea Anne's idea, or just use the paper without a threaded needle for practice. I found at first that I held the quilt sandwich too tight. One class I took on machine quilting suggested drinking a glass of wine to relax. :)