Saturday, January 17, 2015

Fabric in and fabric out

I haven't kept track of fabric purchases vs fabric used in past years, but have been kind of curious about how big my addition may really be. So - at least for awhile - I'm going to keep track.  And I added to the stash BIG TIME on Saturday morning, although there is no guilt attached, which I'll explain.  

First of all - this was all free.  A good friend decided to downsize her stash by getting rid of everything she had lost interest in making or finishing.  She invited friends over for coffee and shopping her stash. This is what I came home with: a whole kit and pattern for a baby quilt, a couple of small panels, and some odds and ends of other fabrics that will fit right in with mine.  There are also 3 blocks that may just become a pillow right away. And there is a 4 yard cut of floral that I'm going to donate to the church quilting group to use as backing.  So I brought home about 15.5 yards of fabric total.  4 is going out immediately to the church. And the baby quilt kit totals about 7 out of the remaining 11.5.  I need to make 2 baby quilts by mid-summer so this is perfect.

So in adding up my actual purchases with this acquisition:

Fabric in since Jan 1:  about 21.75 yards
Fabric out since Jan 1: about .75 yard
So - the stash is winning by 21 yards

But part of my purchases was backing for 2 quilts that are now quilted and ready for binding so as soon as those are done I'll add that yardage to my "out" column.

I owe my friend lunch - at least - in return for all of this great fabric.  And she feels "lighter" and has a less cluttered sewing room to enjoy.  Plus what's more fun and relaxing than coffee with friends and a couple of hours of conversation!!


  1. This is a fabulous idea. I'm going to suggest this to my Fiber Guild.

  2. That is the best way to add to the stash and it looks like you have a purpose in mind for all you got so a win win for both of you. Way to go.

  3. You are a brave woman to list your fabric coming in:)