Friday, January 2, 2015

RSC15 has begun

I really enjoy getting involved in some online communities to see what other quilters are working on, and also to "play" along with some of the online projects. 

So I'm joining in on the Rainbow Scrap Challenge again this year and am looking forward (RSC15) to playing along with The whole idea is that we are challenged each month use up our scraps to make something - anything - using the color of the month. January 2015 is blue.

The host of RSC15 has also designed a sampler quilt for the year that will incorporate a whole lot of 6.5" blocks framed by a sawtooth star.  And I'm going to work on the sampler as well as other projects of my own.  She plans to post 2 or 3 block tutorials each month for this sampler.

Sampler block #1 is called Whirling Geese and used the partial seam technique to make those flying geese whirl around the center. And the host has a great tutorial full of pictures of every step.  I used some blue batik scraps and a white background, but I haven't really decided yet whether or not I'll stick with batiks or use up other blue scraps. The background - I think that will be scrappy too, using whites, creams, shirtings, etc. We'll see how it shakes out.


  1. Looks like fun love the blue. I want to get more sewing done this year and finish some more ufos!!

  2. I am loving the new blocks too and yours looks fantastic! I hope to do the new ones while catching up on the old ones this year.

  3. I would struggle with this challenge as I don't have a wide variety of colors in my stash.