Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sunday Stash Report

I can report a good dent in my stash this week although I already know there will be some purchases next week since I need to choose some coordinating pieces for a new project that I'll blog about later in the week.

In this week:  0 yards
In this year:  21.75 yds
Out this week:  11.75 yds
Out this yeear:  12.5  yds
Net for 2015:  -9.25  yds   (stash is still winnning)

I finished 2 pillowcases today, and 2 quilts this week.  The fall mystery quilt gave me 7 yards used  and  today I finished the Paris baby quilt which was another 2.75 yards used. I'll post a photo of the baby quilt this week..


  1. it seems like I take two steps forward and three back on my stash busting. This week I had to purchase backing fabric, so again my stash is enhanced. I doubt that I will ever manage to reduce it.

  2. The colors in your pillow cases are great. Looking forward to seeing your baby quilt.

  3. Great finishes! You'll be in the black soon! ~Melanie