Friday, March 27, 2015

A small UFO finish

It's finally DONE!

This 60 degree table runner has been half quilted for about 2 years. I started trying to free motion quilt it myself using a quilting design drawn on Press n Seal and "stuck" onto the top of the runner.  The process works fine, but I was still making a mess of the actual quilting. So I stopped halfway through.

This winter I picked it up one day and started picking out all of those quilting stitches. I threw away the piece of batting and put the muslin backing in the bin to use as a foundation for string blocks.  Last weekend I noticed this black backing section that was left over from a recent quilt and the leftover batting was folded with it. And guess what? It was the perfect size to use with this runner.

I added some very simple quilting to this by just following the lines on the fabric. I found the striped binding in my binding drawer that had been cut and was all ready to go when I originally made the runner. What a relief to finally check off this one from my UFO list.


  1. What a happy find... I love the black backing! Checking off those UFOs is such a great feeling :)

    1. Very pretty- I have one like that with my stack of UFO's

  2. The black backing and striped binding are perfect for this runner. You are going to enjoy using the runner next winter. Well done!

  3. Very nice! I love those 'happy accidents' I find in my stash. :-) Good for you for having the binding ready to go~ I never remember to do that and now wish I had! Have a great weekend!