Sunday, March 22, 2015

Challenged by tiny pieces

My pieced blocks for Saturday Sampler are done and this one was a little challenging.  There are 64 pieces in this little block - Yikes!!  Believe it or not this block is only 6.5" square and there is a 12.5" version too, which was much easier.  My real purpose this year for Saturday Sampler is to work on skills - both applique and small blocks.  

Blocks this small with so many pieces do not want to lie flat.  I pressed most of the seams open and that did help a lot.  I still have the applique block to make but that will have to wait until later in the week.  

I've linked up to Design Wall Monday at so check out what other quilters are working on this week.


  1. I just did this block for a donation quilt in one of my guilds. Not my choice. It as the larger one, but I hated all the pieces. I think I ripped out every one of those paatches at least once in the making of it all.

  2. Nice job in the block! I'm determined to make several small quilts this year even though I don't like fussing with small pieces.

  3. Great block, only 6.5 inches yikes!! I think I just made a whole quilt with few pieces that your one little 6.5 in block. But yours is way much prettier :)

  4. I love your block! You did very well on such a small block!! It is very pretty in these fabrics.

  5. This is a great block for using up all those extra half square triangles. Thank you for sharing!