Sunday, March 15, 2015

Week 11 Status of the Stash

This week I finished a flimsy, bought backing and left it with the quilter, along with a wall hanging flimsy that was ready to be quilted. So there was a decent balance between new purchases and fabric used.  I did also add 10 fat quarters to the collection and have plans for those already.

I won a gorgeous 30-count charm pack at Saturday Sampler on Saturday but I just didn't want to do the exact math to count that in here so I added a half yard for it. 

In this week: 6 yds
In this year: 54.5 yds
Used this week: 3.5 yds
Used this year: 60.25 yds

Status of the Stash: 5.75 yards (I've still used more than I've bought)

I sewed a binding onto a large UFO quilt the other evening, so when that gets handed stitched I can check another big project off my list and have a large amount of fabric to add to the "used" side of the equation.  

Considering the limited time I got to spend in my sewing room this week I feel like I accomplished some things.  Watched some great college basketball, got to see all 4 of my grandchildren at various points this week, and got to sew a little bit. It was a great week!

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  1. Sounds like you had a very productive week of sewing.